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Archive for Month: November 2023

Womens Health

How Physiotherapy Can Improve Women’s Pre and Post-Pregnancy Health

Women’s health is a critical aspect of overall family health and wellness. It involves various unique physiological processes that require specialized care, especially during pregnancy and post-delivery periods. Physiotherapy serves as an effective solution to many pre and post-pregnancy issues faced by women. By focusing on strengthening muscles, improving mobility, […]

Do I Need a Physiotherapy Appointment to Purchase or Have a Back Brace Fitted at Soulitude Health?

Back braces are powerful tools designed to limit the motion of the spine in cases of bone fractures, post-operative spinal fusion, and as preventative measures for further injuries1. They serve as supportive structures that help unload some weight normally placed on the lower back, reducing pressure on the spine’s joints, […]

The Power of Low-Intensity Exercise: A Path to Health and Wellness

Hello, Soulitude Health community! Today, we will discuss a simple yet powerful tool for enhancing your overall health and wellness – low-intensity exercises. These accessible activities can be incorporated into your daily routine irrespective of age or fitness level, providing myriad physical and mental health benefits. Research shows that exercise […]