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Chair Yoga With Nadia

Welcome to chair yoga with Nadia at Soulitude Health

Experience all the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your chair.

You will be led through gentle exercises to help ease stiff joints and relax tight muscles, helping you move more freely and easily. All classes include yoga poses to help stretch and strengthen, breathing exercises to reduce tension and improve lung capacity, and relaxation techniques to manage pain and stress. Nadia has many years of experience working in rehabilitation and teaching yoga and will ensure you are in safe hands.

Neck stretches:

All that screen time, housework, and busy lives can lead to tight and sore neck muscles. Combined with rhythmic breathing, these gentle exercises can help reduce and ease these sore, tense muscles.

Seated Twist:

Have you ever had trouble turning to look over your shoulder when reversing your car? This pose can help to increase movement through your spine and neck to make these everyday activities safer and more achievable. Not only that, but they also give a gentle squeeze into organs like your lungs and kidneys, which eastern traditions believe help improve their health and function. These are just some reasons why they are one of my favourite poses.

Up cat/down cat:

This is an alternate version to the traditional cat/cow pose performed on your hands and knees. This version ensures you still get the gentle movement through your spine without the pressure on your wrists and knees. Keeping the spine mobile and supple reduces pain and stiffness, mainly when the mornings and evenings are a little chilly.

Warrior Lunge:

Warrior poses strengthen our legs and help to improve our balance and stability. The addition of the chair can provide that extra bit of support to ensure you feel safe and comfortable when working on some of this more challenging poses. Variations are always offered to ensure you can find one that is suitable for you.

Spinal roll and forward bend with the chair

Another pose that helps to move and stretch the whole spine and all the supportive muscles and connective tissue that protect it. The use of the chair enables us to get a good stretch into the back of the body, and the shoulders, while ensuring we keep our balance!