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Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy

What is Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy?

The tibialis posterior is a muscle that attaches from the tibia and fibula (bones in the lower leg) to many small bones of the inside of the foot in which helps to stabilise around the ankle and point the foot inwards. Tibialis posterior tendinopathy occurs when there is an overload of this tendon, therefore causing pain and discomfort. This condition is commonly seen in people over the age of 40 and is not common in younger people.

How do I know if I have tibialis posterior tendinopathy?

You may have Tibialis posterior tendinopathy if you have pain, creakiness and swelling under the bony knob on the inside of your ankle (medial malleolus). Your physiotherapist or podiatrist will  be able to diagnose your condition by assessing the strength and function of the muscles around your ankle. Imagine scanning is not used to diagnose this condition.

How can physiotherapy help with tibialis posterior tendinopathy?

Physiotherapy management can help you to improve the pain and symptoms of this condition. Your physiotherapist may give you at-home exercises to strengthen your tibialis posterior muscle and surrounding muscles. Orthotics may be used to support the foot and which in turn may offload tendon. It may be recommended that you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication to reduce irritation and inflammatory.

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