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Remedial Massage

The general public could easily be confused between a relaxation massage and a remedial massage. The word massage is in such frequent use in the general public, that anyone can use the word massage and charge for the service.

So, what is the difference?

Both relaxation and remedial massages have benefits, they are both efficient in there style but they have different objectives.

Generally, a relaxation massage is a source of pleasure. It makes the client feel good. Basic massage training allows graduates to work in a spa setting providing relaxation massages. Therapists are not accountable to any governing body; they are not required to do annual continued professional education to keep updated in clinical skills and they are unable to provide health fund rebates.

A remedial massage is generally given to reduce pain, improve range of motion or to correct specific problems. Typically, you will be given remedies to assist the underlying cause. A remedial massage therapist is usually part of an allied health team and is able to refer a client onto a colleague eg physiotherapist if required for further assessment and treatment. Remedial Massage Therapist is the title earnt by therapists with formal qualifications and registration in a governing body. These therapists are highly accountable and have high standards. They are required to complete continued professional education annually to increase and keep updated in their clinical knowledge.

Service Types

  • 1hr, 45min, 30 minute remedial massage services.
  • Hot Stone Massage 1 hr

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